was created to meet the growing demand for high-quality, low-cost voice demos - essential for those looking to work in the voice-over industry.

Some studios charge by the hour for their service with no pre-recording consultation. We'll liaise with you in the weeks before recording to ensure the right scripts are chosen. And because we don't operate a strict studio time limit, we’ll record your pieces till we get them right…all this at great rates.

During our consultation, we’ll discuss where your voice would best fit in today’s industry – your vocal 'casting'; whether that might be for commercials, documentaries, talking books or even Radio Drama - in order to produce the most suitable scripts for you. Need advice or help to do a little research? Look here!

Without Soho Showreels' help, direction and expertise I would not have put together my first ever - and knock out - reel...it still serves me well and I use it to this day.
Soho Showreels was better than I could have imagined. It's not like a factory, getting you in-and-out to make room for the next punter; they take their time, get you relaxed and above all make sure you're satisfied.
Advice on the selection of material, interpretation and excellent production values meant that the final result was brilliant. Thoroughly recommended.
Soho Showreels were great - they new how to get the best from my voice range and helped me choose the right pieces to record.
I was more than impressed with the finished product and I've been getting great responses from industry professionals. I recommend Soho Showreels to all my colleagues.

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